Is it the irresponsible tourism partially to blame for unethical treatment of people & animal

Ok touching wild animals, riding elephants, is just some of the most sought after experiences for backpackers, travellers, etc. To countries like, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. The reason I’m just saying these countries is because, they are the ones I have personally visited & have experienced, therefore, I can comment. After taking part in the majority... Continue Reading →

Human Trafficking Awareness it will take you about 4 mins to read & watch

Human trafficking is a very tough subject to comprehend as something that actually happens in the world today. However, it does in many forms, I think it is safe to say people deny that such awful things could be true. Stop the Traffik is an excellent website for further information. Please watch & even share... Continue Reading →

Sometimes looking back will give you the answers to move forward

I always see people sharing quotes about the past, forget it, don't look back, etc. I think it's okay to look back, even necessary, sometimes to really realise how far one has really come on their journey. When you look back at situations that seemed unbearable at that time, look back at them now in... Continue Reading →

I decided to become vegetarian because I had a real wake up call to animal cruelty more than once

There was a time, when I would have looked at people who said they were veggie or vegan, as very weird people. Now I am one 🙂 I would have actually thought, there was something seriously wrong with those type of people. Always at the back of my would have been, what do you eat... Continue Reading →

Some tips on how to build yourself up not knock yourself down

First things first, if we have a low opinion of ourselves why would anyone else see us in any other way. Not that we need others approval but for the simple reason that,  low self - esteem is pretty obvious & when we get stuck here we are also having a bit of a pity party... Continue Reading →

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