She passed on all that she knew a puzzle in a million pieces

She is a mom with the mind of a child has a family full of beautiful boys instead of looking after their best interest she ensures hers comes first always she has a heart of stone & a mouth of venom that has created the upbringing from hell unfortunately as adults they still can not... Continue Reading →

If you are looking for answers this may be a good place to look

This is a set of video’s called, clues, by an amazing man called Gabor Mate. His main field is addiction, however, I myself find his work just makes sense in all areas of life. If you have the time I would highly recommend watching not all at once take your time & really understand what... Continue Reading →

What exactly does trust mean to you ?

Ahh the big word that a lot of people don’t even fully understand. So, what does it mean from my perspective ? T = True. It is really important for us to be the truest of ourselves in this world. What I mean by this, is, don’t pretend to be someone your not. If we... Continue Reading →

Who, as a child & now as an adult, was, still is or changed as your role model. It can reveal a lot about you. PS it doesn’t have to be a relative

Role models are those wonderful people who inspire us to do all these great things in life but what happens when you don’t know or have one ? Interesting, huh.  When I was participating in a personal development course a while back, one of the questions was who was Your role model growing up &... Continue Reading →

What in your life is Predictably unpredictable ? 

Ok so what do I mean by this ? We all have situation/s where we do know the outcome because it has happened before, yet, we keep going back for more. Still not with me yet, ok let me explain 🙂 You have a dog, who is lovely with people & dogs no problems ever.... Continue Reading →

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