What is inner peace & how do we find it ?

Inner peace is something we can all have, if we really want it. However, we have to know how to achieve it in the first place. And, it's really not that hard. The funny thing is, there is nothing hard about finding inner peace. Maybe, just, maybe that is why we struggle so hard to find... Continue Reading →

Do you use your choices wisley ?

It's not the easiest thing in the world to understand for everyone, that we actually do, always have a choice. The first step in taking control of our choices is realising we have them in the first place. So how do we do that?? 1. This could be a big one for a lot of... Continue Reading →

Being ok with silence is a great way to get to know who you really are

Silence is not the best of friend for a lot of people. It can be scary and uncomfortable when we are not use to it. But, there are many ways silence can be very useful & helpful. 1. It gives us a clean open space to really take a look at our lives. If your... Continue Reading →

Are you choosing your future based on what you want from life ?

Goals are very important, in order for us, to feel a sense of achievement. Nonetheless, we can't reach the goals by just saying I want to do all of these things. We have to work on the goals in order to reach them. Say for example, someone says,they want to be a Vet. Thats brilliant... Continue Reading →

How does a person become a Malignant Narcissist ? This post is in my opinion, based on what I have learned through experience & study

I was out taking photos the other day & came across this tree. I think it perfectly complements my post, if we don't address the root it will continue to grow & may show itself, in monster form later on in life. Making the weeding process much hard to control. A narcissist is, someone who... Continue Reading →

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