Who care if it’s Ethically sourced whats the big difference anyway ?

In the world today, there are so many products available, it is ridiculous. The next time you go shopping take your time & I mean really take your time. Look around at all the different products on the shelves of the same category for sale. Meaning, a lot of people are willing to do anything... Continue Reading →

Have you found your self — improvement mode yet ?

Self - Improvement, is one of the most important journeys a human being can take, for the simple reason that, when we are improving ourselves it means we are fully aware that there are certain parts of ourselves that can be changed for the better. Now, I don’t mean changing ourselves completely, instead, changing or... Continue Reading →

Derogatory terminology why is it so offensive

Ok, so, in Ireland where I am from there is a radio station where the public get to ring up & voice their opinions, freely. Im sure there are a couple of these around the world in different countries. I never really bother with listening to that or any of that other kind of stuff... Continue Reading →

What exactly does trust mean to you ?

Ahh the big word that a lot of people don’t even fully understand. So, what does it mean from my perspective ? T = True. It is really important for us to be the truest of ourselves in this world. What I mean by this, is, don’t pretend to be someone your not. If we... Continue Reading →

Who, as a child & now as an adult, was, still is or changed as your role model. It can reveal a lot about you. PS it doesn’t have to be a relative

Role models are those wonderful people who inspire us to do all these great things in life but what happens when you don’t know or have one ? Interesting, huh.  When I was participating in a personal development course a while back, one of the questions was who was Your role model growing up &... Continue Reading →

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