Its that time of year again

New Year’s Eve the one day of the Year where everyone gets so over excited about the New Year, their resolutions & what not. Or, how they are going to change all the stuff they don’t like about themselves & their lives. I get it I really do, but, why do we wait to do... Continue Reading →

What exactly does trust mean to you ?

Ahh the big word that a lot of people don’t even fully understand. So, what does it mean from my perspective ? T = True. It is really important for us to be the truest of ourselves in this world. What I mean by this, is, don’t pretend to be someone your not. If we... Continue Reading →

A quick definition on mindfulness

Look at him, he is thinking “OMG” where can I run to & what can I find 🙂 There is a lot of hype nowadays about mindfulness. The problem is, a lot of us aren’t actually sure what it means. Lets get one thing straight though, it is most defiantly not to stop you thinking under any... Continue Reading →

Realize that the only person your anger is affecting is yourself

Anger, when not understood, can be a real big problem. Take someone to mind who always blows a fuse. Their problem is they have no clue they are even reacting it has just became a normal occurrence so they keep doing it when their buttons are pushed. The reason I say this is because I... Continue Reading →

Who care if it’s Ethically sourced whats the big difference anyway ?

In the world today, there are so many products available, it is ridiculous. The next time you go shopping take your time & I mean really take your time. Look around at all the different products on the shelves of the same category for sale. Meaning, a lot of people are willing to do anything... Continue Reading →

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