If you don’t know how to relax. Learn. It is a very important part of healthy lifestyle

Relaxation is so important for the mind, body & soul. Yet, it is so often over looked. However, like anything, if it is not part of who you are you will not be used to it & may even see it as 'TIME WASTING' So how do we introduce relaxation into out daily lives &... Continue Reading →

Are you a self – carer or self – neglecter ?

We are all a little guilty of self - neglect. We all know someone or it could be ourselves who is always busy, busy, busy. Complains about how they're so tired or, this & that part of their body is sore. They always have cold, a headache, you get my drift. But they do not... Continue Reading →

Some of the benefits of deep breathing for overall well being

The breath. It is something we all have use of freely but take it for granted every single day. It is the most necessary and useful thing in the world yet it is often not even acknowledged. There are so many ways it helps us The next time something crops up that makes you stressed out... Continue Reading →

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