Writing in a Journal helps promote healthy mental health

It has been proven that keeping a journal is a very healthy habit to have & you don't have to have, just one, have as many as you want. At the beginning people often say but what do I write the simple answer to this question whatever you want to write about. I will give... Continue Reading →

Get out of your own way & make room for the new

Don't allow yourself to become accustom to limitations that you set for yourself. Say for example, there is something you really want to achieve but part of the package is one thing you have tried before & couldn't do. This it is the limitation you will set for yourself because it didn't work in the... Continue Reading →

Do you know your inner child, if not, you really need to get to know them after all they hold your master key :)

This one freaks people out quite a lot especially "grown ups" When we become adults & hit mature levels, well, if that's what you wanna call it, then, ok. We forget about the little girl or little boy that we still have inside of us.  The inner child is, the foundation, for you as an... Continue Reading →

Realise worry is a waste of your precious time it does nothing but cause anxiety

Worry is probably the most useless thing in the whole world. All it really does is riddle us with anxiety, while we actually put the brakes on. When we worry we don't usually do anything else. How to stop worrying ? 1. First of all we have to become aware when it is happening. Where... Continue Reading →

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