Could a lack of empathy in the world be the explanation, in regards to, why people would do such hateful things to one another & show no remorse?

Ok, so what the hell is going on in the world today. We have terrorist attacks happening on a regular basis worldwide at the moment & I understand that the terrorist were of a Muslim background, but really, to actually put every Muslim in a box & call them a terrorist is distorted, like, come... Continue Reading →

Are you a people pleaser ??? Do you want to change ???

There will come a time in life when a light bulb will just light up. You will be in the middle of doing something or maybe sitting at some event or whatever it may be. You will think to yourself. What am I doing here ? Why am I doing this etc. It's like you... Continue Reading →

Not of asking for help is similar to drowning you wouldn’t survive in the middle of the ocean without a floating device

We all go through something at one time or another in our lives. However, it's a fact that a lot of people are ashamed or scared to ask for help. This can usually stem from the background, If your back ground was strict & everything got swept under the rug more than likely, you are... Continue Reading →

How listening can strengthen your relationships

A lot of people do not actually understand what it means to actively listen. They are already in the mind frame of responding while the other person is talking. Before we have even heard what is being said we have an answer. This causes a serious miscommunication between people. Understanding, how vital good listening skills are,... Continue Reading →

Are you aware of the toxic people in your life ???

So how do you know when you have encountered a toxic person ? The best description I can give is it is like they have shoved a vacuum up your ass & drained every single ounce of energy they could find. The biggest problem is they come in all areas of life. They could be... Continue Reading →

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